Showdown In America

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• Al Jazeera English features the Showdown - Watch the video

• Bill Moyers Journal features the Showdown - Watch the video

• Cincinnati leaders keep the pressure up on public officials - Read on...

• Iowans and Illinoisans march on payday lenders Read on...
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Bankers Beware - Bill Moyers Journal, Dec 11

Protecting Ourselves, Until Congress Heeds the Call - Huffington Post, Dec 10

Bernie Sanders Fights to Block Bernanke Confirmation - The Nation, Dec 3

Charitable Capitalism - The Nation, Nov 18

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PRESS RELEASE: $500 Million to Help Small Businesses in 2010 Doesn't Stop Goldman Sachs from Closing Businesses and Foreclosing on Thousands of Americans During the Holidays (PDF) - Nov 18

$500 Million and Apology from Goldman - New York Times, Nov 18

Unions Get Snarky with Big Banks - ABC News, Nov 18

Obama creates task force targeting fraud linked to financial crisis - LA Times, Nov 17

Protesters Converge On Goldman's Washington Office - Wall Street Journal, Nov 16

PRESS RELEASE: Hundreds of Taxpayers Converge on Goldman Sachs DC Headquarters (PDF) - Nov 16

PRESS RELEASE: Taxpayers from Across the U.S. Called on Secretary Geithner Today to Demand the Prevention of 200,000 Holiday Season Foreclosures (PDF) - Nov 16

Protesters Stage Angry Anti-Goldman Rally In Washington, DC - Business Insider, Nov 16

Secretary Geithner: Is the Average American Too Small To Help? - Huffington Post, Nov 16

MEDIA ADVISORY: American Taxpayers Call on Secretary Geithner to Prevent 200,000 Holiday Season Foreclosures - Nov 16

MEDIA ADVISORY: Hundreds of Taxpayers to Converge on Goldman Sachs DC Headquarters Monday (PDF) - Nov 16

SEIU's Andy Stern Leads Protest Today Against So-Called 'God's Work' of Goldman Sachs - Huffington Post, Nov 16

PRESS RELEASE: 600 People Gather to Discuss Massachusetts Foreclosure Crisis with Congressman Barney Frank and Federal Reserve Officials (PDF) - Nov 2

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PRESS RELEASE: Congressman Barney Frank and Federal Reserve Officials Meet with Brockton Congregations about Foreclosure Crisis in MA - Oct 29

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PRESS RELEASE: Showdown in Chicago is Over, But Not the Fight! - Oct 28

Thousands Of Protesters Gather At Bankers' Convention, Jesse Jackson, Labor Leaders Speak - Huffington Post, Oct 27

PRESS RELEASE: 5,000 Converge on American Bankers Association Convention - October 27

PRESS RELEASE: Thousands of Taxpayers Rally Outside Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo Headquarters for Day 2 of 3 at the Showdown - Oct 27

Anger, At Last - The Nation

Protesters in Chicago March on Offices of Goldman, Wells Fargo - Wall Street Journal, Oct 26

PRESS RELEASE: FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair Addresses Thousands of Taxpayers at Showdown in Chicago - Oct 26

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